Trademark Prosecution

Trademark Prosecution is the legal process by which applicants seek to have their trademarks registered upon the federal trademark register. Applying to register your trademark with the USPTO begins a legal process. Legal requirements and deadlines must be met, application fees paid and additional fees may be required throughout the process.  Not all applied-for trademarks register.

We provide complete US trademark prosecution services from trademark clearance and risk analysis, to preparing, filing and monitoring our client’s trademark application and responding to any USPTO Office Actions. We provide international and national level trademark clearance and risk analysis, prosecute foreign and international trademark applications, and help identify and assist local counsel in obtaining registration under foreign state and regional regimes. We provide legal services for trademark opposition and cancellation actions, trademark infringement monitoring and litigation, and for the licensing, assignment or transfer of trademark rights. We also provide worldwide trademark and brand development strategy, legal advice on entering foreign markets, identification of counterfeit goods or services, and services related to obtaining customs and border protection against counterfeit goods.