Patent Research & Counseling

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Primary Research Disciplines:

  • 3D Printing and Additive Manufacturing Technologies (polymer and metals).
  • Acoustic Technologies: NDT Inspection, Acoustic Modeling and Measurement.
  • Alternative Energy: Solar, Wind and Sea Power Technologies.
  • Automotive.
  • Aviation and Aerospace.
  • Biotechnology: Lab-in-Chip, Nano-Electromechnical Systems, Fluid Handling and Pumping Devices.
  • Composites.
  • Cryogenic Technologies: Pulse-Tube Coolers, Dilution and Helium (H3/H4) Refrigerators, Cryopumps and Systems, Cryogenic Cold Heads/Fingers and Specimen Holders, Detectors.
  • CT, MRI, NMRI Technologies.
  • Design Patents (Gemstones, Bottles, Containers, Medical Devices, etc.)
  • Electric Motors and Drives.
  • Electro-mechanical Systems.
  • Entertainment Park Ride Technologies. Moving Platforms and Simulators.
  • Food Technologies.
  • Government, Security and Defense.
  • Heat Exchangers and Refrigeration Systems
  • HVAC, Building Environment Technologies.
  • Hydraulic Equipment.
  • Hydraulic Fracturing Technologies.
  • Industrial Machines and Processes.
  • Kilns, Refractory Materials and Processing.
  • Marine and Subsea Devices.
  • Mass Spectrometry, LIBS, NMR, OES.
  • Materials and Material Processes.
  • Mechanical Systems.
  • Medical Devices; Dental and Surgical Equipment and Devices, Medical Monitoring and Testing Devices, Subcutaneous Infusion, Extraction and Monitoring Devices.
  • Metal Deposition Systems: Plasma, Vapor, IBD, ALD.
  • Micro-Fluidics.
  • Nano Technologies.
  • Plastic Injection, Blow and Compression Molding Equipment and Processes.
  • Pollution Equipment.
  • Power Plants and Equipment.
  • Printer Technologies.
  • Printing and Security Device Technologies.
  • RFID Technologies.
  • Semiconductor Manufacturing and Clean Room Equipment.
  • Subsea Oil, Gas and Mining Equipment and Extraction.
  • Superconductors, Systems and Materials.
  • Tools
  • Traditional Energy: Oil, Gas and Mining Equipment and Processes.
  • Trains, Trams and Metro Railway Equipment.