Alan Kendrick

Intellectual Property Attorney

Background and Experience:

Mr. Kendrick holds a Juris Doctor degree from the University of San Francisco and has been a California licensed attorney since 1998. His practice focuses on intellectual property matters including patent, trademark, copyright, trade secret and unfair competition. He works in both the United States and Europe as an intellectual property attorney and he has several years of international legal experience. He has several years of experience providing patentability and invalidity research in a wide variety of disciplines including aerospace, mechanical, industrial, energy, medical, materials, food technology and the automotive arts among others.

Alan specializes in mechanical and aerospace systems and provides clients with technical and intellectual property support. He worked for the systems engineering division of NASA’s Ames Research Center in Northern California as a Sr. mechanical/aerospace design engineer. While at NASA, Alan worked on a variety of design projects including wind tunnel design, modification and modernization, design and structural analysis of aircraft modification projects, biomedical and human habitat research equipment, electro-mechanical hardware modernization, design, selection and integration with mechanical systems, space flight hardware, and large facility piping and piping structure analysis and design.

He also worked at Boeing/Hughes Satellite Systems as a mechanical/aerospace satellite systems design engineer where he designed component equipment for the Anik F2 communications satellite. Mr. Kendrick has worked in the solar industry in the design of large scale photovoltaic systems (200kW+) for industrial commercial applications. He has experience in the installation and operation of various mechanical, electro-mechanical, aerospace, hydraulic and R&D facility designs, hardware, equipment and models.

Mr. Kendrick holds a Bachelor’s degree in Aerospace Engineering (Magna Cum Laude) with a minor in Mathematics and concentrations in Aerodynamics, Thermodynamics, Propulsion and Flight Design. He also holds an Associate of Arts in Aviation Fight Operations and is a licensed private pilot.


Juris Doctor. University of San Francisco (1998).
Bachelor of Science (Magna Cum Laude), Aerospace Engineering, San Jose State University (1990).
Bar Member, Supreme Court of California (1998).
Bar Member, Czech Republic (Česká Advokátní Komora), Admitted as a Foreign Attorney (2002-2007; 2017-2018).
Bar Member, U.S. District Court – Northern District of California (2009).
Bar Member, U.S. District Court – Southern District of California (2009).
Center for International Legal Studies: International Practice (2001).

Legal and Technology Publications:

An Introduction to Patent Prior Art Research (Video CLE course, Attorney Credits, 2016)

Stoned Walled: Review of US Trademarks and Applications Representing Goods or Services Associated with Marijuana and Cannabis  (Intellectual Property Magazine March 2015).

Micro Air Vehicles (Nerac Strategist Sept. 2014).

Additive Manufacturing in Aerospace (Nerac Strategist Dec. 2013).

Pre-Issuance Submissions under the America Invents Act (Nerac Strategist Jun. 2013).

Patent Litigation on the Rise (Managing Intellectual Property, Litigation Yearbook 2001).

Past Engineering Projects:

Mechanical design, analysis and fabrication/installation supervision for a variety of project types:

Wind tunnel design, modification and modernization. NASA Ames Research Center:

  • 11 Foot Unitary Plan Wind Tunnel flexible wall replacement and electro-mechanical positioning system.
  • 11 Foot Unitary Wind Tunnel Inlet guide vane and honeycomb flow control systems.
  • 11 Foot Unitary Wind Tunnel model support system instrumentation box.

High pressure/flow hydraulic system design.

Design and structural analysis of aircraft modification projects:

  • Aircraft and rotorcraft radar/instrumentation housing/fairing design and analysis.
  • Modification of hardware and components of flying observatories such as the NASA Kuiper Airborne Observatory.

Biomedical and human habitat research equipment: NASA Ames Research Center:

  • 8-foot centrifuge for hyper-gravity bone cell research.
  • 52-foot centrifuge human habitat for chronic hyper-gravity studies.

Aerospace models for wind tunnel testing.

Electro-mechanical hardware modernization, design, selection and integration with mechanical systems.

Space flight hardware.

Acoustics and acoustic mapping hardware.  NASA Ames Research Center:

  • 40×80 Wind Tunnel X-Y transverse microphone rail system for large acoustic wind tunnel testing.
  • 40×80 Wind Tunnel test section flooring.

Large facility piping and piping structure analysis and design. NASA Ames Research Center:

  • Unitary Plan Wind Tunnel facility piping support structure – earthquake and structural analysis and redesign.

Linked construction, non-penetrating, 5-25° tilt solar panel mount system for large commercial and industrial applications.

Industrial ventilation equipment.

Functional artistic furniture.

Vehicle off road equipment.

Technical Certifications:

  • Solidworks Certified Associate – C-7XSWW8LBUM -December 2010.
  • American Institute for Quality & Reliability – GDT Certified ANSI Y14.4o.